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Unit 1 in West Hythe - Self-catering in Hythe

Walk from The Beach Escapes to Unit 1 in West Hythe

Canal-side walk from The Beach Escapes to Unit 1 in West Hythe


A mostly flat, canal-side walk from The Beach Escapes to #Unit1 in West Hythe – a fabulously dog-friendly pit-stop!

The walk is approximately 5 ½ miles so should take around 2 hours – plus time for refreshments of course!)

We love a walk; we especially love a walk where the final destination promises refreshments!  The walk from Beach Escapes to #Unit1 in West Hythe does just that. 

#Unit1 is described on its website as a ‘shed-come-microbar’. But that really doesn’t do it justice; there are reclaimed wooden tables and chairs inside and out, log burners indoors which create a wonderfully cosy (Hygge) atmosphere on colder days, and plenty of outdoor seating and brollies for sunnier times! 

There is so much to choose from refreshment-wise: locally produced craft beers, Kent ciders, wines, spirits, teas, coffee (Lost Sheep), snacks and home-made brownies. It is also extremely dog-friendly, with complimentary treats and water bowls and dedicated water barrel if your canine friends are thirsty! 

Please do check their website and opening times, etc. before heading off to avoid disappointment!  Unit 1 – Unit 1 Riverside


How to get there from the Beach Escapes

From the main entrance of The Beach Escapes, step out onto the promenade, turn right and walk 100 metres or before turning down the path on the right just before the Hythe & Saltwood Sailing Club. 

At the bottom of the path, cross the road and you will see a path called ‘Ladies Walk’. Follow that path up to the canal (past the Hythe Sports Pavilion and Hythe Cricket Club which will both be on your right.) 

When you get to the canal, turn left, and then walk along the canal path so that the canal is on your right. You will quickly come to Stade Street (the Oaklands Health Centre will be to your left). Cross over Stade Street and into Portland Road and then walk along the pavement on the right-hand side, keeping the canal to your right. 

Follow the canal path all the way round and you will soon come to a pedestrian crossing enabling you to safely cross the main road (Dymchurch Road). 

Once you have crossed Dymchurch Road you can drop down from the pavement to pick up the canal path again (keeping the canal to your right). At the end of that path, you will come to a busy road (A259) and another pedestrian crossing. At this point you will be facing the Romney, Hythe & Dymchurch Railway station. 

Cross the main road and walk to the right, so away from the station, and you will shortly come to Green Lane. Turn left into Green Lane. There are houses on the right but keep walking and you will quickly come to the footpath (the canal will now be on your left). 

Walk all the way along the canal until you come to West Hythe Road (when you see the greenhouses on your right you are nearly there!) Turn left, walk across the bridge (be careful here as there is no footpath for a few metres) and you will see #Unit1 nestled down to the left. Enjoy your time at #Unit1 and then retrace your steps back to The Beach Escapes!

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