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Haunted Places in Kent

Most Haunted Places in Kent

Haunted Places in Kent

Kent’s idyllic countryside, picturesque villages and extensive coastline make it seem like the epitome of British charm. But the Garden of England also has a lot of history, and that means there are plenty of terrifying tales associated with it. From phantoms on highways to unexplained occurrences in castles, the county is home to lots of haunted places. Let’s explore some of the spookiest.

Pluckley, Ashford

Pluckley is in the Guinness Book of Records for being the most haunted village in Britain. Home to no fewer than 12 ghosts, it’s been the site of some grisly deaths – and the spectres seem to want to hang around. Head out on a dark night and you might see a phantom coach and horses, the ghost of a gypsy woman who drowned in a stream at the Pinnock, or the ghost of a colonel who hanged himself in Park Wood.

Bridge, Canterbury

Another of Kent’s haunted places is Bridge, a village just outside of Canterbury. A Celtic chariot is said to charge down Watling Street, bearing a warrior grasping a spear. A battle between the Romans and the Celts is said to have occurred in the area during the first century AD, and the warrior is thought to be heading into the fray.

Dover Castle, Dover

Castles are ancient monuments, so it’s fitting that there are ghost stories associated with many of them. Dover Castle on the coast is said to be among the most haunted places to visit in Kent, being home to the ghost of a drummer boy who was decapitated in the underground passageways during the Napoleonic War. Visitors have also reported disembodied screams and glimpses of World War II soldiers in the dark tunnels.

Bilsington Priory, Ashford

It seems Ashford is a hotspot for paranormal activity. On the other side of the town to Pluckley lies Bilsington Priory, which is one of the county’s top wedding venues. But it houses a dark secret: the Black Canon was a monk though to have been bricked up behind a wall as punishment for a terrible crime. His spirit has reportedly been heard knocking as it attempts to escape.


An old folk tale tells of a Grey Lady who wanders through the woods at Deal. It’s thought she was a resident of the now abandoned village of Oxney and was killed by a horse and cart while fetching water. Motorists have reported having to suddenly brake or swerve to avoid hitting the apparition, while campers in the area have failed to light a fire despite perfect weather conditions.

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